Ayesha Bachcha

Ayesha Bachcha

Ayesha Bachcha

Dental Therapist

Ayesha Bachcha (GDC Reg No: 302978) gained a BSc in Dental Hygiene and Therapy from the University of Bristol in 2022. 

With a caring and gentle approach, Ayesha is a friendly and approachable member of our team. In previous roles, she worked in a Community Dental Services outreach team working with schools to provide fluoride treatments and oral health education to parents, teachers and children. She has also been involved in projects such as the Mobile Dental Bus that provides dental care to the homeless and asylum seekers.

As well as doing all the work that a dental hygienist does, Ayesha's role as a dental therapist means that she can also carry out some dental procedures that patients are more used to a dentist doing. She can do fillings, extract 'baby teeth', place pre-formed crowns on baby teeth and do treatments using all the materials a dentist would use. Like a dental hygienist, Alysha can also take dental x-rays (these are used to diagnose problems and decide on the possible treatment). She can also place fissue sealants, apply flouride varnishes and give fluoride treatments. She can also carry out teeth whitening treatment under a prescription from your dentist.

Passionate about she does, Ayesha paticularly enjoys treating patients with gum disease as she loves seeing the difference she can help patients make to their oral health. She works closely with patients to find oral hygiene routines that work for them - so helping them to put realistic and manageable new oral hygiene habits in place, and achieve their oral health goals. 


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